The Family Menagerie

It feels good to be back. The last month I have been working on getting more comics together and recreating the schedule. We’ve got new comics coming as well as some illustrations that we’ll be posting. A tiny change is the medium I’m working with – as you can see, today’s comic is not digital. It’s marker! I’m not sure what I like best, so if you have any opinions, let’s here them. The con of working with marker is that my scanner dulls the colors and tends to over-saturate everything, but it’s faster to get done and I love working with markers. Of course doing it digitally means Ash gets to color for me, and that’s a definite plus. Let us know what you think! I’ll probably switch back and forth when I feel like it. ;)

In any case, The Family Menagerie is back and ready for action! Updates every Monday and every Friday if you’re reading I Love Rescue Animals, you’ll see a behind the scenes of the true story behind each comic. Fun times! We’re back!

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