The Family Menagerie

About TFM

The Family Menagerie is a comic that focuses on the lives of a family of epic proportions. Okay really it’s just two girls living life and trying to get through each day 1) without killing each other, and 2) with a smile on their faces at the end of the night. Thankfully, most days they succeed. Oh, and it’s also about the many furry and scaly kids they share their lives with.

Nikki and Ash

Did we forget to mention it’s all true? Okay, so we might embellish a bit, but many of the comics, most created to stand by themselves, is based on an event (or continuous event) that has happened in our lives. Many of which are centered on the large menagerie of animals that we currently have. Our animals aren’t just pets – they’re our kids. It’s a well known fact in both of our families that these furry kids are our pride and joy (and frustration and anger and amusement and constant entertainment). So what better subject to focus on?

The Kids

They keep us going when life is tough. And they cause trouble every other time.

The Girls Behind the Comic

Nikki Jeske (author, illustrator) and Ashley Niels (author) are two women who not only enjoy animals, but strive to make the world a better place for them. When not chasing the animals around the house, both can be found running and promoting their animal advocacy website I Love Rescue Animals, and volunteering for such awesome non-profit groups as Central Texas Feline Rescue, Austin Pets Alive!, and other animal events around their home of Austin, TX. Nikki is a full time and freelance web designer and illustrator and Ashley runs Forpawz Pet Care, a pet-sitting/adoption counseling/animal photography business from home.

Ash, Nikki, and Spunky