The Family Menagerie

Cast of TFM

A professional web designer for a growing company, Nikki rarely has time to relax. When she isn’t at work, she’s waging an endless fight against the cats in their attempts to steal every last one of her erasers. She’s extremely absent-minded and clumsy but tries to look on the bright side of everything, no matter what.
Ash is the ringleader of the family. To all the animals, she’s the alpha (as hard as she tries not to be sometimes). For as long as she can remember, animals have been her life. With an ever-present sense of duty towards animal-kind, she often takes on more than she can chew but always comes out on top.
5.5 years old and fluffy. He’s a German Shepherd, Husky, Chow mix with a sweet temperament. He’s our lover boy and the rock of our family.
A puppy, he was found on the side of the road in Tennessee and never left. He’s crazy, clumsy, a complete goof, but deep down he’s a good dog.
The little dog – meaning the one with the biggest attitude. Ash raised him since he was 3 days old. He’s her mom’s dog but currently lives with us.
While Merlin can be the world’s most troublesome cat, he can also be the most loving. Raised by Spunky, he’s more of a dog than a cat.
Our Buddha Belly. Zane would love nothing more than to spend his entire life on your lap, digging his sharp nails into your leg. It means he’s happy.
Akima is well known as the Pretty Pretty Princess of the family. Her distaste for dogs is obvious, as is her superiority over all humans. The quintessential cat.
While she looks like a kitten, she’s actually the mother of Satsuki. She’s tiny, dainty, and her favorite past time is seeing how long it takes to race around the house.
Satsuki, daughter of Cleo, is a beauty queen. She likes to stare for hours at the ferrets and likes to pretend that she’s deaf when she knows she’s in trouble.



Other Furry & Scaly Kids

Other than the dogs and cats, we are also the parents of six rats rescued from various pet stores and adoption places, two ferrets, two bettas (both who have been to hell and back in the mouth of a cat and lived to tell the tale), a leopard gecko, a ball python, and two foster cats named Jacob and Storm. They will have parts in the comic as well so watch out for all of them!