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Welcome back TFM! Updated every Monday. Did You Know? Hey, did you know we have a newsletter? Every once in awhile we’ll send out goodies and updates to our loyal readers. The sign up is in the bottom of the right hand column, just over there! Put your email address (don’t worry, we don’t share [...]

Want to know the real story behind last week’s TFM, “Rescue Rattery” comic? Well if you head over to I Love Rescue Animals, Ash wrote up the whole thing for our readers. Check out The Truth Behind TFM: Rescue Rattery and tell us what you think! Have any of your own stories? Please share. We’d [...]

It feels good to be back. The last month I have been working on getting more comics together and recreating the schedule. We’ve got new comics coming as well as some illustrations that we’ll be posting. A tiny change is the medium I’m working with – as you can see, today’s comic is not digital. [...]